A stored collection piece is a Schrodinger's cat

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Sat Nov 28 15:09:37 CST 2015

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> >I see a big problem with this flowchart, the path on the far right does
> not exist, please delete it and then the flowchart will be believable.
> ..
> >I do think there are not nearly enough arrows pointing upwards
> LOL Rob, Mark.

I agree with Mark, needs more upwards arrows, more cycles (some without an exit at the bottom). :-)

> >Today it's all going to come together and hopefully the outcome will be
> >a fully working PET4032 and an extra diagnostic tool to add to the
> collection.
> >Of course we all know something ELSE unexpected will happen.
> Yes, I love the case design of the PET.  It looks just so retro and '80s futuristic if
> you get my meaning...
> I designed that tounge-in-cheek flowchart as a kind of catharsis having just
> spent the last three weeks, firstly fixing my Apple II+ which was a non-starter
> on checking (a faulty F8 ROM in that case) then followed by the next unit I
> tested, whose 74LS500 in the video circuit failed after about 5 mins.  I'm almost
> afraid to turn on any more...but then...Schrodinger's cat
> and all that.   I need to know!
> Terry (Tez)

I had my own episode last week when I turned on my VAX 4000-500 after a few months of not running it. It ran for a few minutes and then powered off. Now it won't power on for more than a few seconds before cutting out. This is the second PSU to do this to me (the first actually failed outright) and I am wondering if the fault is with something in the machine itself rather than the PSU. Although, now, even with different combinations of boards removed (so there is at least some load), the PSU won't stay on for long, so I don't think it can be one of the boards, but perhaps something in the machine has caused a fault which has now damaged the PSU. I have another spare PSU but I am not going to risk it yet until I have had time to investigate.



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