Brad unclefalter at yahoo.ca
Sat Nov 28 20:34:46 CST 2015

Just posting here in case anyone not on other forums I'm on sees this and
knows something about these.


I picked up a HAL DS-3100 ASR terminal.  My understanding is these are RTTY
devices intended for teletype/radio use.  It is ASCII compatible and in fact
I can select ASCII and baud rates from a menu.  It has a 25 pin male 'MODEM'
port on the back.  I can't find it now but somewhere I read it complied with
an RS-232 standard.  I tried hooking it up to my PC with a null modem cable,
but couldn't get either to produce anything on their screens.


Anyway, just a shot in the dark in case any of you remember these things.
I'm not really into HAM stuff, but it's a cool little terminal and I was
hoping it could be used/adapted to other tasks.





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