A stored collection piece is a Schrodinger's cat

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sun Nov 29 13:21:53 CST 2015

> So I owend up said  I wired it. The answer came back oh if its a
> personal job it gets top prioriy.
> You can use what ever equipment you want and take whatever components
> you need.
> I often borrowed a scope ove the week end.

I know a chap who runs a small electronics company. He actively encourages
his employee(s) to take sensible quatities of small components (resistors,
capacitors, 2N3904s, common ICs, etc) for private jobs. His arguement is that
if they are doing electronics they must be learning something (or at least
keeping their hand in) and might have ideas or solve problems that will help
the company.

But then he's an engineer not an accountant...


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