papertape repair tape or kit wanted

jwsmobile jws at
Mon Nov 30 03:11:02 CST 2015

On 11/29/2015 11:32 PM, simon wrote:
> what are the specs of the tape and glue? remember that using a 
> lasercutter from a nearby fablab or hackerspace could produce the 
> exact tape you need.
> On 30-11-15 02:40, william degnan wrote:
>> NOTE: I will pay a generous price for a few inches of papertape 
>> repair tape
>> if anyone has any!  I am located in Landenberg, PA USA....Contact me
>> privately if you can help.
We repaired tape with contact glue and rubout tape punched on an ASR33.  
I guess it would depend on whether you were repairing paper, fiber or 
mylar material though whether the adhesive would work or not.

I have a box of the repair material somewhere, but I suspect the 
adhesive would be useless with the material.  Better to manufacture your 
own with Williams suggestion, or a simpler one like mine.  BTW, we only 
used this method with tapes to be read on an ASR33.  We didn't have high 
speed machines.

You can use scotch tape sometimes on units with optical readers, and 
dupe the tape from what you read if you need to have a copy w/o a break 
in it.


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