papertape repair tape or kit wanted

tony duell ard at
Mon Nov 30 10:44:43 CST 2015

> Hi Tony
>               Did you say Data Dynamics?  I certainly knew them. I used
> to sell them LA36 print mechs.

Yes, almost certainly the same company. They sold several teleprinters
based on the Teletype Model 33. Same mechanics, but IMHO a nicer (all
metal) case and different electronics. I have one which is a normal
ASR33 typing unit, keyboard, and reader but in a case with  bulbs to
illuminate the printout and electronics to give both RS232 and current
loop interfaces and a single-step button for the reader.

> It was run by two old guys called Tindale and Stabler. The factory was
> in Hayes and I used to drive
> there from the DEC office in Ealing via Bombay (sorry I mean Southall).

Ah, that Hayes, not the one just down the road from me across Keston Common.


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