Sector Interleave

Charles Anthony at
Mon Nov 30 16:42:27 CST 2015

On Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 1:45 PM, Fred Cisin <cisin at> wrote:

> Oversimplified remedial tutorial:
>>> Ideally, the system reads a sector, does what it has to do with the
>>> content, and goes back for the next one, and can read every sector of the
>>> track in a single revolution.
>  From: "Paul Koning" <paulkoning at>
>> Your writeup was aimed at floppy disks, but interleave may also appear on
>> hard drives.  I don't remember it in reasonably modern systems, but it
>> shows up on CDC 6000 systems.
> On Mon, 30 Nov 2015, Mike Stein wrote:
>> ----- Reply ----- Definitely an issue with IBM PC/XTs and clones; I
>> recall testing every new combination of HD and controller for most
>> efficient interleave before I delivered to the client.
> 1) Are there any examples newer than PC/XT 5160?
> Although, obviously, completely hidden from the user, is it still used on
> anything "modern"?
> (Should ALL verbs be changed to past tense?)
> 2)  Is it used on anything besides spinning rust?
Probably outside the domain of the question:

The DPS8-M had configurable core memory bank interleave (even/odd
addresses);  I would hazard a guess that this improved bandwidth on double
word read/writes.

 -- Charles

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