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From: Jay West
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> I would love to see some comparison between ETOS and MULTOS by anyone "in the
> know". I'd just like a nice timeshareing system for my 8E that is close to
> OS/8 and runnable with the hardware I have.

> Alternatively, TSS looks nice, but I am not sure that the full OS was ever
> found and is available? Hardware Reqs?

There is a TSS/8 system in a .zip file on the SimH software distribution page,
consisting of a text file, a paper tape image, and an RF08/RS08 disk image.
It's been there since 2005 (an probably earlier, but that's the year on the

Minimum hardware requirements:

	PDP-8/I or PDP-8 with KT08/I Time-Sharing Modifications
	MC8/I-A Memory Extension Control and 4096 words
	RF08 Disk Control
	RS08 Disk
	PT08 Asynchronous Line Interface, Dual (4)
	PT8/I High-Speed Paper Tape Reader
	KE8/I Automatic Multiply-Divider
	CAB 8/IA Option Cabinet

Hardware options:  The system can have a maximum of 32K core memory.  With a
minimum of 12K, up to 3 DECdisks can be attached, as well as up to 8 DECtape
drives for the use of private DECtape by users.

The OS uses the word-addressed nature of the RF08 or DF32 disk drives, which
also makes trying to substitute something like an RK05 difficult.

I'm told by a former operator of one that TSS/8 will also run on an 8/e, but
I don't have independent confirmation that that is so.


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