Sector Interleave

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> On 11/30/2015 02:09 PM, Mike Stein wrote:
>> Nothing wrong with what you wrote that I can see; excellent tutorial
>> IMO.
> The issue of "floppy interleave" pretty much went away when memory got
> cheap enough to buffer an entire track, provided the controller is capable
> of 1:1 interleave transfers.
> An A-B comparison with interleaved vs. track buffering is quite
> enlightening.
> I don't think that any modern hard drives use interleaved transfer, but
> I'm not certain.
> Interleaving core accesses goes *way* back, as does using extra-wide
> multi-word-at-a-time transfers.
> Did the IBM 650 interleave drum sectors?
One of the drum computers had the address of the next instruction as an
operand of the instruction; the programmer would scatter the instructions
according to the execution time of the instructions; IIRC "assembler"
referred to the process of converting the sequential source to the
scattered arrangement.

-- Charles

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