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On 9/1/15 17:50, Jay West wrote:

> Pictures of the initial set of racks to work on are at
> , but there's more DG racks with
> devices that can be used at both houses.



> If folks have docs that might help but are private, I'd appreciate a little
> access or pointers. My initial questions revolve around what boards from the
> Nova 4, S/130, and S/200 can be interchanged if desired, I'm still trying to
> decide which cpu to keep and which peripherals. Time to read what docs I
> have and scrounge up ones that I don't!

Nova I/O bus boards only.  Memory, MMU/MAP, CPU and, if present, FPU
cards are unique to the processor.

The S/130 is one of my favorite 16 bit Eclipses.  The S/200 holds a
special place in my heart at the other end of the spectrum, although
*eventually* DG did get the eight-way interleaved core planes to work in
the thing.  Mostly.

> I know I got keys with these systems, but don't see them anywhere. 

As one might expect, they're all the same.  If you get stuck send up a
flare and I'll find one for you.

> The
> 6021/6023 tape drive uses vacuum columns, that will be fun. The TP1 is an
> awfully cool retro printing terminal. The 5821NT terminal has (by a large
> margin) the worst screen rot I've ever seen. The 6125 tape drive is in an
> odd "desktop" stand like I haven't seen before.

The 6125 is certainly wedged into something odd -- I've never seen one
done that way before.  Unlike the 602X it's a streamer, so it performs
horribly if you can't keep the tape in motion.  The printing Dashers are
actually quite nice terminals, the CRTs are all quite awful -- I think I
have a notch in my hearing from the HV supplies in them.

When you figure out what's surplus to your needs I'd be happy to take
the excess off your hands for appropriate consideration :)


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