MEM11 Status Update

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Wed Sep 2 00:18:00 CDT 2015

On 9/1/15 10:10 PM, tony duell wrote:
>>>> I could, but the point is to run 1972 Unix on machine that was around
>>>> in 1972, even if I have emulate things like the RF disks.
>>> Except that the MEM11 wasn't around in 1972.
>> I think the point here, is that much of the hardware that is necessary
>> to run Unix V1 on an
>> 11/20 is unobtainium.  Therefor, if one wants to run Unix V1 on 11/20
>> hardware, there is
> I don't think you are running Unix V1 on 11/20 hardware here. An 11/20 CPU,
> sure, but a computer system is not just the CPU.
>> going to be, by necessity, some compromises made.  Witness the previous
> Remaking the missing hardware following the original designs and using technology
> close to the original is one thing. A functional emulator is something quite different.
> The 11/20 in 1972 did not (AFAIK) use any programmable logic chips, for example.

Do let me know when you've got a production line going for a new RS11.  
Until then, I suppose the MEM11 will have to do...

- Josh

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