OmniUSB - further boards to make

Philipp Hachtmann hachti at
Thu Sep 3 11:24:06 CDT 2015

Hi folks,

as you might remember I made about 20 OmniUSB Omnibus to USB adapters. Since a 
few month they're all sold.

The last days I got some inquiries for more. So I think of making a new batch.

As my board supplier has doubled (It was so cheap before..!) the price for gold 
plated contact PCBs, the board will be more expensive in the end. And I 
massively underestimated the labour...
And I'll overhaul the design.

The original board description:

The facts about a new board:

- Exactly same functionality
- Smaller
- Still gold plated contacts
- Still KL8E compatible
- Power supply parts will be moved away from the PCB's edge
- USB connector will be moved away from the PCB's edge

The board will cost (fully assembled and tested) EUR 105 (without VAT for 
overseas buyers) and About EUR with VAT for anyone in the EU.

A still to design cusom handle (I think of laser cut acrylic with wood) to make 
the board the original size will be available in the EUR 25 range.

If YOU are interested, please let me know. I'll make my decision with regards to 
the feedback I'll get from this posting.

I need at least 10 seriously interested people to make it happen again.

Kind regards


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