Reading ROMs

Vlad Stamate vlad.stamate at
Thu Sep 3 19:57:07 CDT 2015

On 3 September 2015 at 10:15, John Robertson <jrr at> wrote:
> Some of the early ROMs had extra voltages and unusual select logic and for
> those you either need to make an adapter or get an ancient Eprom programmer
> to be able to read them.
> I use Data I/O 29B with a Unipak for most of my old timers, but have a
> Pro-Log unit for the 1702s as well as an Andromeda programmer/reader. The
> Andromeda is pretty flexible in what it will read - it also reads 1702s -
> but for burning I use the 29B or the Pro-Log for the earliest chips.
> What is the part number of the device you are trying to read? Vlad, are you
> by any chance close to Vancouver BC and thus able to drop by my shop where
> we could read your device and provide you with the file?
I am not sure about the part number it was under the sticker with the
ROM version (which btw was 09121 15510 REV A) and I put it back into
the unit. I will take it out and look at it again. Unfortunately I am
at the opposite on the diagonal from you (Orlando, FL).


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