Tu10 pdp11

David Gesswein djg at pdp8online.com
Sat Sep 5 16:16:41 CDT 2015

On Sat, Sep 05, 2015 at 08:46:44AM -0700, Al Kossow wrote:
> On 9/5/15 8:40 AM, william degnan wrote:
> >I surprisingly found little
> >commentary or threads about the TU10 / TM11,  other than DEC docs.  I guess
> >these are not super common
> They were common. I worked on a bunch of them. Expect the vacuum sensors 
> to be bad
> in the columns. I think Guy still has a couple of them.
I have a working one on an 8. It took a lot of work to get it to that state.


9 track drives don't seem to be that popular to collect. I think the
vacuum column drives are interesting to watch. The IBM ones are nicer but this
one is easier to move. And from the old movies isn't not a computer if it
doesn't have spinning tapes. 

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