seeking Burroughs B6700 manuals and software

Paul Koning paulkoning at
Sun Sep 6 13:42:35 CDT 2015

> On Sep 5, 2015, at 2:23 AM, Nigel Williams <nw at> wrote:
> We would be glad to hear from anyone who might have new material
> related to the Burroughs B6700.
> We're on the hunt for any manuals or software related to the Burroughs
> large systems so we can build an emulator for the B6700. This search
> includes the B5000, B6000, B7000 families, since there is considerable
> overlap across these families and collateral from one system family
> can assist understanding another. Example models include B5500, B5700,
> B6500, B7500, B6700, B7700, B6800, and B7800.
> We were amazingly lucky with the B5500 to have so much of the critical
> documentation (thanks Bitsavers!) and a complete suite of system
> software, but even though the B6700 was more recent and produced in
> larger numbers we're not having the same level of good fortune finding
> artifacts.

There's a B6800 hardware manual on Bitsavers.  It looks like there's one for the B6700 as well, for that matter.


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