BBC Model B with Raspberry Pi Internals

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Tue Sep 8 04:46:20 CDT 2015

Mark Wickens <mark at> writes:

> does anyone know of a documented project that replaced the internals
> of a BBC Model B with a Raspberry Pi (or MiniITX PC) interfacing with
> keyboard etc. to bring modern internals with a traditional interface?

This one's been around for a while:

Tynemouth Software do USB keyboard controllers for the keyboards of
various 80s micros, including the BBC:

I wouldn't want to dismantle a working machine to do this, but it was
common enough back in the day -- I converted a dead Dragon 32 into a Z80
machine in the early 90s, and I was given a terminal keyboard fitted
with a ZX Spectrum motherboard at one point. It certainly seems a better
use for (say) an Electron with a dead ULA than just sitting around
gathering dust, and it's easy enough to do it reversibly these days.

I've occasionally wondered about building an ARM workstation inside an
IBM Model M keyboard...


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