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I believe the eBay lister stated that it was a 160, not the -A.  So no 
return jump for you...


Which would make it even more scarce.  There were only a little over a 100 of the 160 models made.  And 40+ of them were rebranded as NCR machines.

There were 495 160-As made officially.  (There were also a small number shipped without serial numbers to the good people at Langley.)

I know of at least 5x 160-As still in existence, besides my own.  Which should be going to a museum this week if they can sort out shipping glitches.  My system includes a 161-A Typewriter in lousy shape and a 167-2 Card Reader in perfect shape.  Plus all manuals, software (with listings) and spare parts.  Even the paper tape rewinder!

I did not know any 160 machines survived, so who ever bought it has a unique item.

I have looked for 15 years for an 8092 = the first true 8 bit computer. Haven't found even a hint or rumor of one.

I am working with Al Kossow, to see that this material is eventually in his archives.

Billy Pettit

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