information about the Bendix G-15 and Rice Research Computer?

Mark Linimon linimon at
Fri Sep 11 10:28:04 CDT 2015

So I have finally been prodded by some people to put together a web
page for the G-15 computer.  As well, I am going to put up information
about the Rice Research Computer (later known as the R1), and its
intended succesor, the R2.

Right now my web pages are pretty skeletal and mostly consist of
some old G-15 documentation scans I did in early 2000.  Apparently
I have some things that are not on Bitsavers (yet).  I have at least
one more document that I need to scan, the Technical Manual.

I do have some R1 documentation which I intend to scan and then send
to either CHM or Rice University Fondren Library.

To some of you that I have already contacted off-list, this will be
duplicate information.  Sorry about that.  To the others, please let me
know if you have any information about these computers that you would
be willing to share publicly.

Also, beta-testers of the website would be appreciated; email me off-
list for the URLs.  I mean, it it _really_ skeletal (e.g. 2 days old.)


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