KDJ11-A/M8192 identified as PDT11/50 from resorc /a?

Holm Tiffe holm at freibergnet.de
Fri Sep 11 11:51:07 CDT 2015

Jerome H. Fine wrote:

> >Holm Tiffe wrote:
> >..have repaired a HH725 Harddisk /TA7245BP was bad since a tantal Elko had
> >a short) and booted now RT11 V5.07 with the new now repaired 1/73 CPU.
> >
> >Resorc /A give the following informations:
> >
> >.resorc /a
> >
> >RT-11XB (S) V05.07  
> >
> >Booted from DL0:RT11XB
> >Resident Monitor base is 111774 (37884.)
> >USR is set NOSWAP
> >TT is set NOQUIET
> >Indirect file abort level is ERROR
> >Indirect file nesting depth is 3
> >
> >PDT 11/150 Processor
> >FP11 Hardware Floating Point Unit
> >Extended Instruction Set (EIS)
> >KT11 Memory Management Unit
> >Cache Memory
> >50 Cycle System Clock
> >
> >Device I/O time-out support
> >Multi-terminal support
> >
> >Hmm, is that normal that the CPU gets identified as PDT11/150?
> >Interestingly it finds an FP11 but the Socket is empty.
> > 
> >
> I suspect that somehow, somewhere you have managed
> to include the RESORC.SAV file from V04.00 of RT-11
> (which was released in 1980) or at least a version of RT-11
> prior to V05.00 (which was released in 1983).
> If I remember correctly, that version of RT-11 did not
> include support for the PDP-11/73 CPU since I don't
> think that any of the PDP-11/73 boards were released
> until after 1980.
> Furthermore, I just booted a standard distribution of
> V05.07 of RT-11 using the standard RT11XM monitor
> distributed by Mentec for V05.07 of RT-11.  I ran
> using a PDP-11/73 CPU (actually under Ersatz-11)
> I then MOUNTed a DSK file which contained the V04.00
> RT-11 distribution:
> and the result that you displayed was essentially duplicated,
> with about the only difference being the Resident Monitor
> base address since RT11XM was being used.
> If you type:
> and follow the command with 2 <RETURN>s, the version
> of RESORC.SAV which is being used will be displayed.
> It will probably say:
> RESORC  V4.00
> If you have any other questions, please ask.
> Jerome Fine

You are exactly right!

It displays V4.00.

I must take a look to my old SIMH installation since I wrote the
tapes from which I've installed the disk from there..
IMHO I've donloaded it with exactly that resorc.sav.

I'll try to find another one .. and a way to get it onto the disk finally.
As far as I remember I had an SIMH installation on my previous PC
and wrote tape files there that I copied to real tapes from which I finally
installed that RT11. (I have the disk contents of the previous PC archived
on tapes)

Thanks Jerome!


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