Even more PDP-8/A weirdness (was: Re: PDP-8 diagnostics SR settings?)

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As previously posted, reseating the boot ROMs in their sockets cured the
corrupted boot loader issue. Got lucky there :)

As before, the AJRLHA diagnostic (Seek/Fctn) still faults and prints errors,
but only at the start of testing the drive. Thereafter that drive shows no
errors. Then the program will switch to the other drive and the same problem
occurs. Specifically (edited and reformatted for clarity, with results
interpreted from the RL02 user manual):
[... snip ...]
Any help making sense of this mishmash of errors would be greatly
appreciated :)


I applaude for your tenacity to fix this problem.
I wonder, although unlikely, could there be an error in the AJRLHA 
At the moment I am not (yet) ready to run that diagnostic on PDP-11, but it 
be interesting to hear from other chaps what the the diagnostic would 
on their PDP8 system.
An other temporary available interface would narrow down the possibilities.
I don't have any PDP8 stuff, so not much help from here :-(  But Keep 
findings and progress. Very "on topic" and very interesting read!

gd lck hunting,
- Henk

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