It's BASIC Week again!

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> On 09/13/2015 11:39 AM, Eric Smith wrote:
> > I know that this is for fun, and I don't need either reddit gold nor
> > stickers, but the winners being chosen randomly seriously dampens my
> > enthusiasm for participating.
> Well, participating in such an event for the fun of it might be interesting, but
> to be perfectly frank, I don't know what one calls "BASIC" anymore.

Isn't that a Retro Question ? I seem to remember it being asked about GFA basic ..

> Can you run "Visual BASIC" on, say, a PDP-8?

I doubt it, but  Visual Basic covers a multitude of sins. There was a VB for DOS .... and 6 versions for Windows before we switched to VB.NET
.. but the competition requires sprites so you would need something special... and I think its DOS based on a PC ...

> --Chuck


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