PDP-11 manuals scanned/scanning

Henk Gooijen henk.gooijen at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 15 11:08:45 CDT 2015

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From: Noel Chiappa
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Subject: PDP-11 manuals scanned/scanning

OK, so I finally got set up to scan manuals, with a scanner with a document
feeder, so I don't have to sit there and feed the beast! So now I can scan 
a number of 'missing' (online, at least) PDP-11 manuals which I happen to

[... snip ...]

I also did the 11/34 cache board user manual, now here:


If anyone wants to get set up to scan manuals, and wants to copy what I did,
let me know, and I'll provide details.



BTW, I have EK-KK11A-TM-001  "KK11-A cache memory technical manual".
It is a scan of a printed version from a microfiche ... I got the microfiche
and could print it on some microfiche to A4 sheet printer at community hall
archive.  After that, I scanned the printed copy, which was of mediocre
quality. The scanner was of the Océ 3165, which does 600 dpi at 256 grey
tones. And that at 60 pages per minute ... I really miss that scanner !
The scan is 7.8 MB. If somebody wants it, I can email it. Distribution is
also a backup for me :-)
- Henk

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