Is tape dead?

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>> Maybe that's changed today.  I remember seeing a figure of 11
>> debugged lines of code per day per programmer as the average for a
>> GSA programmer back in the 1980s.
> I remeber that statistic from my youth, too.  What kind of code?
> Fortran?  APL?  Cobol?  Assember?  C?

I think the language is less important than what the code is doing.

I can scribble out hundreds of lines a day when it's boilerplate or
just a mechanical transcription of a well-burnt-in algorithm, but can
easily drop down to the single-digit range when I'm struggling with a
difficult problem.  Nor do I have any reason to think I'm unusual in
any respect here.

Indeed, what is my lines-per-day figure when I spend all day struggling
with a bug and end up fixing it by replacing four lines by two?  Minus
two lines per day?

Note that the preceding paragraphs are entirely independent of what
language I am (putatively) writing in.

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