Desperately need BA11-N/BA11-S Technical Manual

Al Kossow aek at
Wed Sep 16 09:41:30 CDT 2015

On 9/16/15 6:36 AM, Noel Chiappa wrote:

> Also, this page:
> which claims to be the "Book Catalog (incomplete) of the Computer History
> Museum, as of July 27 2002" says they have one. Would it still be there,
> and is there any chance that, if so, it can be scanned an put online?


No, it is not there, and I wish Ed would take that page down.

That was an inventory of the bookshelf at the old building at Moffett Field
and has minimal value as a search tool for what CHM actually has today.

The text collection has been reboxed and moved at least four times since that list
was made. All of the technical manuals were pulled out when the CHM Library
room was created. The library no longer exists, and the hardcovers and periodicals
that were there were cataloged and are in the CHM database at

If you can't find something in there (currently almost 100,000 records) it hasn't
been cataloged. Everything is in archival record cartons, stored two-deep on
shelves in two different buildings, making random searches pretty much impossible.
There is a two-year project that just started to start to catalog the text backlog,
but that will just scratch the surface of what needs doing.

That was one of the driving forces for me scanning things, the time to catalog was
so long for the past ten years that I could never find anything when I was looking
for it, and I'm still finding things that I didn't know we had, like the CE manuals
for the 7040 CPU, which I came across in the catalog last night looking for a IO
processor manual the 1401 guys were looking for.

Alan Frisbie may have scanned it. I think he is on the cctlk list.

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