PDP-11 manuals scanned/scanning

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Wed Sep 16 12:29:32 CDT 2015

    > From: Noel Chiappa

    > I have also gone through my set of manuals and prepared a list of all
    > the ones which aren't online.
    > ...
    > EK-1184A-TM-PR4	    11/84 Technical Reference (Preliminary)
    > EK-1184E-TM-001	    PDP-11/84 System Technical and Reference Manual
    > EK-1184E-MG	    PDP-11/84-E User's and Maintenance Guide

So I spaced. 1184E-TM-001 _is_ online; not sure how I missed it!

    > From: Henk Gooijen

    > I would be very interested in the 11/84 docs, as far as not available.

I'm not sure there's much in the other two which isn't in the other 11/84
manuals which are already online - I think the content is mostly the same,
just arranged differently. A few minor tweaks (e.g. that sentence I found a
while back about the BIAK/BDMG jumpers on the 11/84 backplane), but nothing

I'll get to them at some point - alas, I bound them, so now I have to
un-bind them before I can scan them! Oh well!!

    > I have EK-KK11A-TM-001  "KK11-A cache memory technical manual"

Lyle Bickley made that one available a couple of months back. It doesn't seem
to have made it into the repositories, though? Should I upload a copy to my
web site, and send along the URL?

    > From: Jerome H. Fine

    > However, both of the directories at the next level up are blocked. If
    > there is any possibility that both these directories could be made
    > available to allow the other PDF files to be viewed

Err, there are no other PDF files there, except the 11/73 CPU board prints,
which I mentioned here recently and have now been mirrored.

    > If not, a list of the actual links to the other PDF files which are
    > available to be viewed would be appreciated.

I should probably throw together a web page with links to all the PDP-11
files there (e.g. the one I just put together, of print sets that are
available inside other print sets), and link to that from my home page.

    > Also, do you have any files of source code or binary distributions of
    > RT-11 files?

Alas, being of the MIT persuasion, we never did anything with DEC software
(except TWENEX, on the DECSystem20's), so I have nothing of anything to do
with DEC software - Unix all the way! ;-)


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