12745 HP-IB Adapter

John Ball ball.of.john at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 19:52:05 CDT 2015

So last week I did a rather insane 3000km road trip that had me travel
through four states (Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montanna) and over an
international line to pick up a "pack-loading HP disk drive". It turned out
to be a rather nice condition 7925B with a 13037C controller in the cabinet.
It has the usual nasty foam you gotta remove and replace but otherwise it's
extremely clean inside and out and powered up trouble-free. Unfortunately I
didn't receive any 13356A packs with it, nor did I receive the critical
component I needed: the 12745 HP-IB adapter kit.
I don't actually own any HP minis unless you include the PA-RISC HP9000 D350
but I have a number of machines that will support mass storage over
GPIB/HP-IB, including a Silicon Graphics machine. Anyways while I found all
the documentation I needed for the drive, controller and adapter and there's
that one pack on ebay for a less-than-modest $350 I cannot find even a hint
of anyone who has a spare 12745 kit for sale. Was this an uncommon addon or
am I just not looking in the right places?


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