ISO 800-3827-10A_SunOS_Reference_Manual, part one

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Sat Sep 19 14:29:01 CDT 2015

On 9/19/15 10:44 AM, Al Kossow wrote:
> On 9/19/15 10:34 AM, Josh Dersch wrote:
>> I also have a ton of stuff for 3.0, I'll see if there's anything I 
>> have that isn't already on Bitsavers.
> I'm working through 3.0, 4.0, and 4.1.1 this morning.
> 2.x would be good to scan.

Cool, I'll do that.  Looks like I have stuff for a few different 2.X 

I also have a lot of 1.1 stuff; considerably more than is on Bitsavers 
right now -- do you have more left to scan for that?

I also have a dozen or so Software Technical Bulletins from 1986-1989 or 
so -- SunOS 3.x era (not a complete set).  Any interest there?

> Is the KV-S3065W working OK? I still need to write you with my 
> workflow, though it is a bit baroque. I like
> to use an ancient scanning app written for W98 and ISIS drivers 
> because of the way that it names the resulting
> pages, tumble to create the pdf, then Acrobat Pro 9 to OCR.
Yes, it does seem to be working ok, though I haven't done much with it 
yet, just scanned in a few hundred pages of a random manual just to try 
it out.  Looking forward to seeing details on your workflow.

> You'll find the color dropout handy if you ever have to deal with a 
> document that someone took highlighter to.
> Getting good results at 600dpi can be tricky since it the sensors seem 
> to be noisy doing B&W. I have the service
> manual and the service app, but have never tried adjusting the levels 
> on the contact image sensors.
> About the only thing that wears out are the rollers and the clear 
> plastic covers over the CISs (they get scratched).
> I've run literally millions of pages through them. The rollers are 
> expensive ($300 for a kit).
> The retard roller (PJDRC0054Y) wears down first, that is about $100.

Cool.  Any recommendations for places to purchase spares from?  The 
rollers in mine are a bit dirty, but they seem to have cleaned up OK and 
i haven't had any jams or problems with paper feeding (fingers crossed), 
but I'm sure I'll need them sooner or later.

- Josh

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