Some amount of DG goodness

Jay West jwest at
Mon Sep 21 15:45:01 CDT 2015

Mark wrote...
Also, that heap of DG stuff in the pictures looks really lovely!
Thank you... Those pictures don't even show a quarter of the DG gear
floating around here.

But honestly-unfortunately, it's simply WAY too much. Soon as I get one or
two good working Eclipses and one or two good working Nova 800/1200/2's,
each in a rack with a compliment of peripherals.... the rest is available
for trade and such. I need the space badly, and the DG gear accounts for a
very substantial amount of floorspace here.

I do know that at the top of my want-list is a couple multi-async boards ;)
And I just came across two *cases* of core boards that will likely be
available at some point...


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