would like to find blue dg et head looking terminal to go with small ecli...

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Tue Sep 22 17:25:18 CDT 2015

Ed wrote...
Pretty  futile to restore  until I have manuals  and a  load  tape if
needed in front of  me. 
Not futile at all. Taking it apart, cleaning it up, replacing anything
obviously bad, checking out the power supply.... all things you can likely
do without a manual. You could go a little further than that just by asking
a few questions here; folks are glad to help! Think of all the great stuff
you'd learn along the way!! You'd find manuals and tapes at some point I'm
Unlike  you Jay  that has a 'mountain'  of  DG stuff in  front of  you  to
*wicker basket  something together  from... all I have is this one lonely
Not sure what you're driving at there, but when I'm done... all I will have
is one lonely rack :) Nothing wrong with that!
Not to mention, there's the "classiccmp law of attraction". Basically if you
get just part of a machine, the rest will suddenly start appearing :)

BUT!   I  figure   DG  sould have   some sort of representation here... and
if it   attracts MORE  DG  so  be it!Least  case it  needs  a terminal to
display with it and ... yes... A POSTER!
Awesome. What minicomputer systems do you have on public display besides the
DG? I'm glad to see more DG representation of course :)

This month's  'make  computer  work ' project  is  HP-3000  related. 
I'm a bit of an HP fan ;) What's cooking 3K-related?


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