Honeywell/Bull DPS-6 deskside info?

Thu Sep 24 16:38:22 CDT 2015

dps 8  was a phx  ax   big  H  project   as I remember 
but new enough  that I would have stored manuals  rather  than
had  them in active  reference section. will  keep   eyes  out!   -Ed#
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I think  this anecdote is also referenced in the AFDC installation site
story on Sounds familiar...



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> On 9/23/2015 2:44 PM, Josh Dersch  wrote:
>> Along with the 11/44 I also picked up a  Honeywell/Bull DPS-6 deskside
>> workstation; I can't seem to dig up  much information specific to this
>> model
>> (a badge on  the rear labels it as "Model/Index No. B01732").  I can take
>>  some detailed pictures later this week after I've had time to clean it  
>> (it's very, very dirty), but it looks very similar to the DPS-6  unit
>> pictured on this site:
>>  Anyone have any docs on this thing?  Or fun anecdotes to share?   What 
>> I gotten myself into with this  thing?
>> Thanks,
>>  Josh
> browse here and elsewhere for  WWMMCCS history and beginnings of
> GCOS/DPS-6/Honeywell  6000
>  One legend that gets trotted out whenever you speak of WWMMCCS is the
>  cookie monster that was on  terminals in the Pentagon installation  of
> WWMMCCS.  As the legend goes, at random intervals, the console  would go
> blank, operators would loose control and a message would  display 
> to the effect  "cookie monster hungry - feed  me".  Supposedly once you
> typed in one of several cookie names,  the routine would release the 
> back to the operator.    I personally know a retired AF IT manager who
> worked WWMMCCS and  swears its a true story...
> Suspect you will find very little  material other than what Al has - it
> wasn't a particularly common  installed setup.
>  Steve

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