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Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at
Fri Sep 25 22:41:03 CDT 2015

 >Al Kossow wrote:

> >On 9/25/15 9:57 AM, Noel Chiappa wrote:
>> If you whip up a list of what you've got, I'd be happy to check it 
>> for you. 
> You REALLY want to check what Alan Frisbie has done this past year 
> before spending
> a lot of time on this. I see in alt.sys.pdp11 that he just listed an 
> RT 5.6 manual
> set on eBay. It is highly unlikely he would be selling it if it hasn't 
> already been
> scanned.

For anyone who is interested, the V05.06  RT-11  DOC set
is IDENTICAL to the V05.07  RT-11  DOC set EXCEPT
for the Release Notes.

As far as I know, ALL of those manuals have been scanned
into PDF files and are available for download.  In practice,
that means there are two Release Notes manuals, one for
V05.06 of RT-11 and another for V05.07 of RT-11.  And
there is a single manual for the rest of the RT-11  DOC set
manuals for both V05.06 of RT-11 and V05.07 of RT-11
since Mentec made no changes at all to any of the V05.06
RT-11 DOC set manuals EXCEPT for the Release Notes.

If anyone would appreciate a link to the PDF files for these
manuals, please ask.  I don't have it handy at the moment.
But it should not be difficult to find the link again.

Jerome Fine

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