If you OCR, always archive the bitmaps too - Re: Regarding Manuals

Antonio Carlini a.carlini at ntlworld.com
Sun Sep 27 10:49:25 CDT 2015

On 27/09/15 15:08, Johnny Billquist wrote:
> Errors are always bad. Agreed. That is not something we're discussing 
> here.
> I don't have problems reading the current scans, as such. But when 
> having ten of these open at the same time, and scrolling through them, 
> it becomes obvious that the bitmaps are heavy. It can take a while for 
> the screen to be updated. Not to mention the problems you sometimes 
> hits with searching...

I think we are discussing errors. I did try to OCR stuff when I first 
started scanning I didn't find anything
that could do an even marginally acceptable job. That's perhaps less of 
an issue for War and Peace but
pretty serious for a technical manual.

I understand that having multiple 100MiB+ documents open at once will be 
sluggish, certainly compared
to those same documents once they've been through OCR. However, if I 
scan something and make the
raw scan available, someone can OCR it later (and re-upload just the OCR 
version if they want). If I OCR
it and don't make the raw scan available then people are potentially 
stuck with whatever OCR could manage
in 2015 (or earlier) and future-you will rightly curse me ten years down 
the line (I'm assuming that OCR is
getting better with time, of course ....).

arcarlini at iee.org

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