seeking EK-OLA30-OP - LA30 DECwriter User's Manual

Nigel Williams nw at
Fri Apr 1 20:57:48 CDT 2016

Not an essential manual but for completeness I would like to find a
copy. If anyone has one would they be willing to scan it please or I
can arrange to get it done.

The list of manuals for the DECwriter I LA-30 are:

(missing) EK-OLA30-OPLA30 DECwriter User's Manual

(online) DEC-00-LA30-DC1972-08LA30 DECwriter Maintenance Manual
(online) LA30 Engineering drawings Nov-1973

(online) via Manx or bitsavers.

If anyone has paper for these printers in the right size I'd be glad
to have some (whatever would fit in an large envelope). LA30 is fixed
sprocket position, needs 9-7/8 inch wide (1/2 inch pitch x 0.150 inch
diameter feed holes) continuous paper.

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