VR241 Substitute

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Sun Apr 3 16:18:15 CDT 2016

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> > Also also possibly any help - I used a VR241 monitor on an Amiga 500
> > for years with a cable I knocked up out of a VAXstation monitor cable
> > and a 23-pin clamshell which was almost unobtanium in those days, so
> > if you have a monitor that works with an A500 you stand a chance of
> > getting it working with other things.
> My guess (and I have not tried it) is that a TV with a SCART socket could
> used in place of the VR241 with a bit of fiddling (maybe a sync
> -tony

Well, I don't have an A500, but I do have an LCD monitor that does SOG. So
it sounds like all I need to do is get the DECmate's output through to the
LCD monitor and the keyboard input to the DECmate, is that right?

If so, I have one of those DEC cables that has a keyboard connector on it
and RGB plugs (their proper name is escaping me right now), and a cable that
converts those RGB plugs to a VGA connector. Assuming the computer end of
the cable matches the DECmate's pinout, I may be able to rig up what will
probably look an unsightly mess into something that will work. I will have
to check pinouts, but I will give it a go.



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