Servicing DEC-T11 based products with a Fluke pod?

John Robertson jrr at
Tue Apr 12 09:46:28 CDT 2016

Has anyone here figured out an adapter for one of the Fluke 9010 pods to 
be able to emulate the multiplexed address and data lines of the T11? I 
am just starting to look at this as I need to access these lines to 
service an old video game board that used the T11 as the main processor. 
Any of you not familiar with the DEC-T11 it is a 40 pin device that 
emulates a PDP11 as far as I can understand.
I don't know anything about the PDP11 technically though so am pretty 
much hacking my way through the troubleshooting procedure (which the 
manufacturer of the game - Atari - did not provide.
Just flinging this out in the hopes someone here can help.


John :-#)#

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