Manual for DEC 433au

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Sat Apr 16 18:37:53 CDT 2016

On 17/04/16 00:13, Robert Jarratt wrote:

> Thanks Glen. When browsing Manx that was just the title closest to what I thought I needed, because it wasn't an exact match and an exact match was not available.
> It would be good to check all the HP links on Manx and probably make copies for posterity before they disappear. I suspect that is a lot of work though...

The original database dump was available online fora while. That dates 
from ~2010 and has ~235 entries with URLs of the form:

I checked a handful and none are there. Perhaps they've moved to a 
different URL but a cursory search provided nothing. has at least some of those docs (e.g. 
so all is not lost.

Additionally, manx often listed md5 checksums, which suggests that the 
docs have been downloaded and (hopefully) saved somewhere.

Given a mysql database dump, it would be straightfoward enough to check 
which docs still exist and which don't.


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