ISO: VAX 11/750 RDM (L0006) and/or ECKAL diagnostic listing

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Tue Apr 19 12:36:07 CDT 2016

Hey all --

Finally got the power supplies in my 11/750 humming again (after numerous
failures) and generally things are looking good -- it passes microverify (I
get the '%%' output at power-up) and most diagnostics (that I can run
without an RDM) are passing.

The ECKAL (Cache/TB) Diagnostic is failing, however; it runs for about a
second and then spits out:

00003488   06

I have a spare L0003 board and it exhibits exactly the same behavior (also
swapped in a spare L0002, no change).  Socketed chips have been removed,
cleaned and replaced to no effect.

I'd like to track down an RDM (L0006) module (even if just to borrow one)
to run the more advanced diagnostics.  Failing that, a listing of the ECKAL
diagnostic would be very helpful in figuring out what it's reporting...

Thanks as always,

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