High performance coprocessor boards of the 80s and 90s - was Re: SGI ONYX

Ali cctalk at ibm51xx.net
Wed Apr 20 12:04:34 CDT 2016

> >> I'm changing the subject because the subject of RISC coprocessor
> >> boards has already been interesting to me; I owned the NuBus Levco
> >> Translink II (for Mac II family) with four TRAM slots for
> transputers.
> >>

I never had much run in with these kinds of boards as they were geared
toward very specific markets. However, the Intel i860 and i960 did make it
into some consumer level boards. I have a MCA SCSI RAID Controller somewhere
that uses an i960 for coprocessing... Of course that may be a bit too new
for CCtalk....

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