Keys - Non-Ace was RE: ACE Key codes (xx2247 etc.)

tony duell ard at
Mon Apr 25 06:08:52 CDT 2016

> Just for curiosity, which Key codes were used for the PDP-11
> systems?  I used to have some PDP-11 racks for RL02 drives
> with a Qbus PDP-11/23 inside and I thought I remembered that
> XX2247 was used on them, but I would just like to know for sure.
> Actually, the more I think about it, just an Alan key was used.
> The above post suggests that XX2247 was used for the PDP-8.
> If so, was any specific key used for the PDP-11?

As far as I know DEC never used a key lock on their cabinet doors. 
You might well need an allen key to remove the back of the rack 
cabinet, for example.

I have come across 3 keys for console switches on DEC machines : 

The XX2247 which is used on (at least) PDP8's and PDP11's

The later plastic tubular key with no pins in the lock. This is
used on later machines, VAXen, DECSA, etc. The XX2247
will fit this switch, but not the reverse.

A yale-type key used on the PDP11/05 and PDP11/10.


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