AlphaStation 200 NVRAM Problem

Maciej W. Rozycki macro at
Tue Apr 26 15:01:54 CDT 2016

On Tue, 26 Apr 2016, Robert Jarratt wrote:

> >  One possibility is SRM unmaps them when it takes over from SROM, for
> > safety maybe -- so as not to let one corrupt flash by accident easily
> (BTW, I do
> > recommend write-protecting flash with its jumper for these experiments --
> > with DROM not working correctly and hence no way to load SRM from a
> > floppy you'd be doomed if flash broke too).  The symptoms should look like
> > ones you've got, though of course plain poking at the wrong area would
> look
> > the same.
> I will check for unmapping, but I get a machine check when I write code
> running in OpenVMS that attempts to write to the same physical location.
> This assumes my code is correct of course, which is what I was trying to
> verify by using the console.

 Well, the symptoms appear consistent then (I thought in OpenVMS you got a 
freeze), so I suspect my guess about unmapping is right.

> This makes me wonder if the problem is that the DROM is getting the same
> errors. But I am not sure if that can be true because then the DROM would
> not be able to write to the diagnostic LEDs either (and the SROM wouldn't be
> able to load the DROM, presumably).

 Correct -- if you do get a machine check as early as accessing the index 
register, then it looks like the glue logic for flashbus doesn't respond 
to a write cycle (there's no decoding enabled for the address requested) 
and you get a bus timeout/abort.  Given that at this point you are only 
about to select a particular device on flashbus it would equally happen 
for any, including the LEDs.  Unless there is a timing requirement for the 
data register to see an access soon enough after an index write or a bus 
error happens -- which I highly doubt given the crudeness of the logic 
(i.e. even the read/write signal is explicit rather than decoded from the 
data register access bus cycle).

> >  You could check if flashbus is mapped by peeking at bank 8 memory
> > controller registers and seeing if the contents provide the necessary
> wiring
> > (in particular if bit #0 aka `s8_Valid' in the 16-bit word at
> > 0x180000b00 is 1).  These registers are listed in the same manual -- with
> a
> > further reference to the (rather fat) memory controller manual.  If not,
> then
> > you'd have to set them yourself.  There could be PALcode entry points to
> > access flashbus too I suppose, although regrettably my Alpha-fu is not so
> > deep as to know this offhand.
> I need to understand more about the Alpha architecture to understand this,
> but I will check. All I can say is that I did try to read the bank 8 base
> address register and I did get a value, but I didn't undertand what it
> meant. Will do some reading.

 OK, just shout if you find yourself lost.


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