Midwest Scientific Instruments 6800

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I had thought of locating original MIKBUG roms but can't tell for sure if it would work.  The system has four EROM sockets and they are all occupied.. first two by this WEEBUG thing.
Finding SWTPC ROMs would be difficult.  I am getting an original 6800 machine next week but I'm loathe to mess with it too much.
From what I've read MSI were one of the more popular ss50 systems.  But yeah.. next to nothing out there about them.

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COSAM sells new reproductions for SWTPc btw.

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>> Shout right back! I have one but I haven't really played with it.
>> On Mon, Aug 1, 2016 at 1:32 PM, Brad H
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>> > Just thought I'd send out another shout out to anyone who might have
>> one of these or is familiar with them.
> I would think you could put a SWTPc ROM board in there, right?  Just use
> mikibug.  I thought the cards were interchangable, or am I not thinking of
> the right thing?
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