Photo album and video from VCF West

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Tue Aug 9 20:30:24 CDT 2016

On 10/08/2016 00:37, jim stephens wrote:
> Youtube Channel playlist of videos.
> Some walking around Saturday morning before the show, Charles 
> Anthony's exhibit.
> Also a fellow who dropped by after my buying a PDP 11/34 and was one 
> of the engineers.
> I recorded an impromptu interview with him.
> Sherman Foy and I had a great time attending and participating in the 
> event this year.
> Thanks to the organizers, staff and volunteers that were there to put 
> it on.
> Thanks
> Jim
Hi Guys
                 Now that is a very interesting set of Photos.  Loads of 
what appear to be real front panels complete with bezels.
As you know I produce reproduction panels and seeing all of those was 
most interesting.
I have the process to make the actual panels just about right.

So to bezels. I have made one prototype resin cast PDP-8  bezel. There 
are a  few things to fix but essentially its OK.
The next example should good enough to paint. Attach it to the panel and 
we have something like a full size front.

Next up is a  Key and Lamp board. I have a sample for an 8/i  lamp board.
Its new and not wanting to reinvent the wheel  I'll use it with the 8/i 
now in production
Lever and butterfly toggle switches are the main difficulty at this 
point. But sooner or later somebody will figure out how to
make toggle switches at reasonable cost.

Having just about done all of the popular PDP-8's  Its PDP-11's next..

Rod (Panelman) Smallwood


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