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>> Ian ;
> I set the baud rate for 300, it was torture, but it worked. However, on
> the vax I had to make sure the terminal width was set to 132.
> The license file ran past 80 characters occasionally and screwed things
> up, because the Vax would 'wrap' those lines.
> The next hurdle is to get the networking functioning again.  Are there any
> tricks I should know about concerning the AUI to 10BaseT adapters?
> It has been about a dozen years since I last did this and at that time it
> was working.
> Doug
It's not so much the baud rate but the character rate, at least for
something like a VAX.  For a PDP-8, baud rate is important, too!

I have used (and continue to use) a lot of those AUI-TP adapters, and they
all seemed to be plug-and-play.  I've also used old network hubs with BNC
connectors to do thinnet networks - necessary for some of my machines.  Oh,
ISTR that a lot of VAXstations did have a button near the AUI and BNC
connectors asking you to choose.  Choose wisely, Grasshopper, and you shall
be rewarded with packet traffic.  Cheers -- Ian

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