Kermit version compatibility.

Phil Budne phil at
Sun Aug 14 10:10:27 CDT 2016

I ran into (possibly whenthis trying to send some files to the LCM TOPS-10).

Found this:

     C-Kermit 7.0 is the first release of C-Kermit to use fast (rather than robust and therefore slow) protocol defaults: long packets, sliding windows, control-character unprefixing, and streaming where possible. This makes most transfers (partner willing) dramatically faster "out of the box" but might break some combinations that worked before. If transfers with C-Kermit 7.0 or later fail where transfers worked with earlier C-Kermit versions, try the following (one at a time, in this order):

      1.  SET PREFIXING ALL: Disables control-character unprefixing.
      2.  SET STREAMING OFF: Disables streaming.
      3.  CAUTIOUS: Selects medium but cautious protocol settings.
      4.  ROBUST: this command reverts to the most conservative protocol settings. 

    Execution of multiple file transfers by C-Kermit from a command file when in remote mode might exhibit long delays between each transfer. To avoid this, just include the command "SET DELAY 0" in your command file before any of the file-transfer commands. 

My (vague) recall is that I had to:
Disable windowing
Possibly limit max packet size
Manually start the transfer on the remote end

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