DEC Indicator Panels page

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Fri Aug 19 21:28:45 CDT 2016

    > Oooh, thanks ever so much for turning that up!!!

OK, I have added them to the page - I lost a little resolution rotating them
to be level, but there's still more than enough to recogize them, and mostly
read them.

    > So that mystery panel seems to be a general panel, more associated with
    > the CPU than anything else; one line does seem to be the reader, but
    > one quadrant is the KT15 memory management, one is the KA15 priority
    > interrupt system, and there's general CPU/system stuff throughout

With that, I think we have most of the PDP-15 panels (although the VT15 image
is still pretty crummy). That leaves only these two:

although that looks like early marketing material, so perhaps those panels neve
made it into production machines?

I wonder if one of them is a BD15 (whatever that might be) - or if that's
the name for the CPU panel (above)?


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