HP Manuals - where's your sense of humor?

Martin.Hepperle at MH-AeroTools.de Martin.Hepperle at MH-AeroTools.de
Mon Feb 1 07:07:05 CST 2016

While I was reading through the HP 200/300 BASIC Manual I came across some
interesting points I hadn't considered in the past.

I thought HP manuals were dry and hard to read, but I was wrong. See for

Installing, Using, and Maintaining the BASIC 5.0 System
Loading BASIC, page 1-16
If You See Nothing on the Monitor Screen
Here are some possible explanations:
- The monitor's brightness is not turned all the way up.
- The monitor is not plugged in.
- The computer is not plugged in.
- Your eyes are not pointed in the right direction, or are obscured by your

Other Maintenance Tasks, page 17-1
The following list mentions some things users take for granted or tend to
- ...
- ...
- Rotate your tires and otherwise examine your system to see that it is
performing nicely.

Maybe the author had a good friend in final quality control of the manuals.


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