AIX for IBM system 370

Dave G4UGM dave.g4ugm at
Wed Feb 3 03:18:57 CST 2016

> ................
> IBM's PS/2 was designed to remain software compatible with their PC/AT/XT
> line of computers upon which the large PC clone market was built, but the
> hardware was quite different. PS/2 had two BIOSes; one was named ABIOS
> (Advanced BIOS) which provided a new protected mode interface and was
> used by OS/2, and the other was named CBIOS (Compatible BIOS) which was
> included in order for the PS/2 to be software compatible with the
> CBIOS was so compatible that it even included Cassette BASIC.
> ................

Well it would, otherwise IBM DOS Basic wouldn't work....
... it checks for the Basic ROMS and won't run on a clone...


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