Mentec manuals

Paul_Koning at Paul_Koning at
Wed Feb 3 11:00:25 CST 2016

I was looking back at the discussion on what Mentec actually owned, back when it existed.  The discussion on the list suggested that Mentec had a license but did not actually own the IP.  It seems an odd arrangement that doesn't say much for the business skills of those making it, but I suppose it's posssible.

I found that there are some RSTS manuals at with Mentec cover pages.  Among other things, a free for the download RSTS 10.1 internals manual, over 600 pages of good stuff.

The cover has a Mentec logo but no other ownership clues.  I was hoping to see the copyright page to find out whose name appears there.  Unfortunately, the scan omits the copyright page.

Does anyone have any manuals from Mentec?  If yes, does it say "Copyright ... Mentec"?  Or "Copyright ... someone else"?


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