Can Windows 98SE run on an Intel I7 with SATA hard drives?

Liam Proven lproven at
Thu Feb 4 09:12:18 CST 2016

On 4 February 2016 at 15:57, js at <js at> wrote:
> Well, my 2 cents: I still use WinXP for all my primary, workhorse machines.
> Rarely have any issues with it.

I *really* hope you've applied the registry hack to get EposReady
updates for it, then!

>    Win7 is ok but annoyingly
> over-user-friendly.

Agreed. I don't like the ribbons, the new fake-folders in Explorer --
but it works, it's supported and updated.

>  Win 98, though... I don't see the point of using it
> any more.  It can't do anything that XP can't do far better.

Agreed, as far as Win32 apps go. DOS stuff, though, no. :(

To answer your offlist question, BTW: I am typing on an original Apple
Extended II keyboard attached to a 2011 Mac mini running OS X 10.10,
though an ADB-USB convertor.

My laptops run Ubuntu although I experiment regularly with all the
mainstream contenders. The workhorse is an old, cheap Thinkpad X200
with Ubuntu 14.04, the latest long-term support version. The
desktop-replacement, now sidelined by the Mac, has Ubuntu 15.10,
ArchLinux, CrunchBang and others.

Both the PCs can dual-boot into Win7, although I don't use it as much
as every *year* these days, so this always means a ton of updates
before I can do anything.

The Mac has a Win10 VM on it, just for playing with. I don't like it
much, to be honest. The last Windows version I really liked was
Windows 2000 -- since then, the bloat has piled on for little reward.
XP can be stripped down to nearly as lean as W2K, though. I sometimes
run the TinyXP 3rd party distro inside VMs.

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