Mystery system

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Thu Feb 4 23:22:47 CST 2016

On 02/04/2016 08:25 PM, Jon Elson wrote:
> On 02/04/2016 08:57 PM, William Donzelli wrote:
>> Some models of 3420s were 7 track.
> Yes, I suppose there was a need in some installations to handle old,
>  archival tapes.  But, I certainly never saw one.  Most sites got rid
> of their 7-tk stuff as soon as they could.

Some 6-bit systems hung around for a very long time.  E.g. CDC CYBER 
170/180.  7-track drives for those never really went out of fashion 
until well into the 1980s.

Here's a 1981 CW article that specifically mentions the CDC 667 in the 
drive inventory of McDonnell Douglas automation.DP center:


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