Wanted: AT&T 3B2 systems & software

Seth Morabito lists at loomcom.com
Fri Feb 5 18:40:27 CST 2016

(n.b.: Sorry for the "wanted" spam from me. I think this is the last
one for a while!)

I have access to a friend's AT&T 3B2 Model 400 for exploratory and
reverse-engineering work, but I would really like to get a system
of my own.

To that end, if you have an AT&T 3B2 you'd like to part with, please
drop me a line. Happy to pay fair market prices, or consider some
trades if you prefer that (I have a lot of DEC Qbus stuff)

I'm also still looking for more documentation. I especially wish I had
schematics, and any docs related to writing drivers. Anything that
would be useful in documenting the 3B2 internals would be lovely.



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